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Bentempus Gardinus: A Long-Exposure Ecological Portrait

May 26 to Sep 24, 2023 - Viewable 24 hours a day

Geometric animal sculptures emerge from the Gardiner, representing species who’ve inhabited this place across time – from prehistoric woolly mammoths to sly modern foxes. Alex Sheriff’s speculative new work uncovers each of their stories and reconsiders our own role within natural history.

Two people standing inside a large enclosure made of colourful plastic tarp.
Eco-Art Workshops


Taking inspiration from the Beyond Concrete installations, participants are invited to experiment with the same practices, materials, and ecologies showcased this season through a series of creative workshops.

Earth Dreams: A Summer Party for Grief & Love

Artist studio Nocturnal Medicine, known for their recent “Rave For Eco Grief” in New York, present a contemporary festival that centres both joy and sorrow, dancing and meditation, as we confront our planetary health crisis. Equal parts DJ dance party and urban ritual.

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