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Group of workshop participants walking under the Gardiner and rolling cans attached to string.
Walking Workshops


Participate in walks across the Gardiner corridor paired with hands-on learning experiences such as urban foraging, local flora and fauna identification, and exploring the sights and sounds of the Bentway.

A performer wearing all black strutting on a stage surrounded by large crowds on all sides.
The Bentway Block Party

The Bentway Block Party is back! Join us for our annual signature event with a full program of performances, music, street food and drink, art workshops, summertime vibes, and community celebration. All free, all are welcome.

The Bentway Animal Parade

Join a community parade honouring the resilient urban animals who persist along highways and streets, with special guest Little Amal. Local residents are invited to create their own animal mask or welcome flag celebrating Little Amal’s visit to The Bentway on June 10. Presented with Luminato Festival Toronto, with creations by Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.

Balete Bulate Bituka


An otherworldly creature germinates at The Bentway, its parasitic tentacles emerging from the history of waste materials used as landfill to create the solid ground where the Gardiner now sits. Woven with bamboo, living plants, and locally-sourced discarded plastics, Leeroy New’s first North American commission presents nature reasserting itself amidst concrete infrastructure.

Large sheets of yellow fabric attached to a tall metal frame blowing in the wind.


What can the wind teach us about our city’s infrastructure and our own needs for comfort? Atmospheres manifests this powerful force into a series of soaring soft sculptures, sound, and video that both generates and visualizes environmental data collected under the Gardiner.

Earth Dreams: A Summer Party for Grief & Love

Artist studio Nocturnal Medicine, known for their recent “Rave For Eco Grief” in New York, present a contemporary festival that centres both joy and sorrow, dancing and meditation, as we confront our planetary health crisis. Equal parts DJ dance party and urban ritual.

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