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Erica Whyte

Erica Whyte (she/they) is a foresight strategist and artist with From Later. Her work engages with science, technology, and ecology. 

Emily Woudenberg

Emily Woudenberg is the founder of Strike Design Studio. With a focus on independently publishing both websites and editorial, they have participated in residencies at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto) and Artscape Launchpad. They have exhibited at Printed Matter and other international art book fairs in Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, and Vienna. 

Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton is a Canadian artist and strategist and principal at Toronto-based foresight studio, From Later. 

Macy Siu

Macy Siu is an artist driven by expression and empowerment tied to the hyphen of in-between spaces. She is a foresight strategist at studio From Later. 

Omii Thompson

Omii Thompson is Toronto-born and NYC-raised artist. A graduate of Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program, his initial love for storytelling and illustration drew him to portrait photography and the challenges of distilling the spirit of the person in front of him. 

Naomi Skwarna

Naomi Skwarna is a National Magazine Award-winning writer and artist. As a journalist, Naomi has written for The New York Times, Vulture, Hazlitt, The Walrus, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, The Believer, and others. Since 2019, Naomi has been producing slow fashion and soft sculpture under the name Casual Clowne. 

Tala Kamea Berkes

Tala Kamea Berkes is an artist and maker who works most prominently with textile and sound as her media. She holds a Master of Arts in Fashion from Ryerson University. Tala works as a costume designer in film, as a fashion designer and stylist, and as a textile artist.