Breanna Stephenson (she/her)

Breanna Stephenson is an arts administrator and writing associate who has worked at several cultural organizations in and around Tkarón:to. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, she has returned to The Bentway as a member of the Programming team. In her role as Coordinator, she deeply enjoys connecting with local and international artists, community members, and audiences to create unique and meaningful programs year-round.

Since completing her Master’s Degree in Museum Studies at the University of Toronto, she has worked at other institutions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and Ontario Museum Association. Most recently, she worked as a freelance writing associate, assisting with the development of a series of descriptive and narrative audio tours at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was through these opportunities that Breanna discovered her passion for inclusive storytelling and creative writing, and is an avid advocate to bring vibrancy, cultural voice, and sustainable accessibility to the city’s many artistic communities.

In her downtime, Breanna enjoys her unofficial side role as the ‘Bentway Baker’, sharing homemade sweets with her colleagues and fellow art lovers to spread joy and celebrate their work together as a team.