Saturday Night Fever Shed

October 24, 2023

Did you know:

In 1847, a typhoid epidemic was brought to Toronto along with Irish immigrants escaping the Great Famine, and the terrible living conditions on the “Coffin Ships” that carried them across the Atlantic. When they arrived, the sick were forced to quarantine together in close contact in “fever sheds” built close to the waterfront. 

Starting in 2020, Toronto’s COVID-19 state of emergency lasted for 777 consecutive days the longest for any major city in the world.

Excerpt from the Field Study “Observations of Paranormal Encounters during COVID-19: Hauntings that occurred during early Coronavirus lockdowns by the ghosts of the 1847 Typhoid Epidemic Victims, and their impact on the isolating citizens of CityPlace.”

Exhibit 1 – In which Margaret, (ghost) discovers bath toys make for an excellent retelling of her Atlantic voyage to Canada in a Coffin Ship. Nightmares ensue, and the Fisher Price is henceforth confiscated. 

Exhibit 2 – In which Masha (living) finds that a group of Catholic nuns (ghosts) happily join her mask sewing circle. 

Exhibit 3 – In which Tyler (living) and Padraig (ghost) realize they may have overstocked with toilet paper and potatoes. 

Exhibit 4 – In which Remy (living) 12 years, signs up Mary (ghost) for on his Dad’s computer – to successfully locate her great great great great great great grandchildren.