These Ain’t Your Grandma’s Ghosts

October 24, 2023

With 30 residential towers built since 2001, CityPlace has one of the highest population densities in Toronto. 18,000 residents call the community home, and their stories will shape how we remember this neighbourhood in the future.

We the Ghosts of CityPlace, hereby set down in words:


We, who have lived, thrived, and died in this community. Loved, missed, and remembered in the hearts of our loved ones and friends, we can NO LONGER bear the burden of such disrespect by the spectral realm.

We have a bone to pick, with those who haunt the historic boneyards of this town, for their derision, dismissiveness, and disrespect.

Yes, we know how to use an iPhone — but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to haunt.

No, we have never known a time without cars – but that doesn’t mean a lanterned tour about us would not entertain enthusiastic tourists.

And you, the living…how can you overlook our frightening potential? Our appearance may not be accompanied by the clip clop of ghostly hooves, or the inexplicable beam of a decommissioned lighthouse light, but we still deserve your spine-tingling fear, your slow creeping dread, and your unabashed horror.

To those who read this proclamation — take heed. Take heed, hold your loved ones close, keep your blankies closer — and never, for one moment, doubt the modern ghost’s dedication…to being spooky.