Julian Maynard Smith

Julian Maynard Smith studied art and architecture and has worked as a performance artist since 1978.  He founded Station House Opera in 1980, which has produced over 30 productions worldwide in different social contexts and media.  

In 2018 the company produced At Home in Gaza and London, in which artists and performers at the two locations shared a common stage and two audiences, breaking the physical and cultural embargo of Gaza; a project that is continues today in giving a voice to individual Gazan citizens. 

Julian Maynard Smith also works with Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, and designed tensegrity protest towers of bamboo, which in 2024 are being exhibited at MAK (Vienna), the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and the Victoria and Albert Museum London. 

Since 2009 Station House Opera has produced Dominoes in locations across Europe, connecting the disparate parts of a city with line of breeze block dominoes, built by volunteers from local communities.