Tennesha Joseph

Tennesha Joseph is a Project Coordinator at 8 80 Cities, passionate about finding new and creative ways to make public spaces accessible for all. In 2021, she started her own public space project, ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark T.O?’, which used outdoor LED-lit furniture installations to test out ways to make public spaces more welcoming and safer for women and girls after dark. Her project has been featured in an underused laneway in Brampton, ON as part of Activate Downtown Brampton and Downtown Kitchener’s first-ever pop-up park. Tennesha believes in creating cities that reflect the diverse needs and lived experiences within them, especially that of women and youth. When she isn’t curled up with a good book, she enjoys exploring the public parks in her local community, especially at night. Tennesha holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Region Planning from Toronto Metropolitan University