University of Toronto Furniture Build at The Bentway

September 27, 2023

Over a two week period, UofT Daniel’s students designed and constructed a set of accessible modular furniture pieces – nicknamed, Flippin’ Chillin’. The pieces can be arranged into a lounging play-scape or transformed into a bar for events.

During the summer of 2023, The Bentway collaborated with 17 undergraduate students from UofT’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture, led by architect Clint Langevin, for a ‘design and build’ workshop.  

The students were tasked with creating a flexible ‘kit of parts’ furniture solution to meet the diverse programming needs of The Bentway – in two weeks. Through a collaborative process, the students developed a final design proposal by the end of the first week, incorporating feedback from a structural engineer and accessibility consultant. In the second week, they set up a build compound at the Strachan Gate space and worked tirelessly for five days to construct their designs.  

Without external contractors or hired labor, the students successfully executed their vision, bridging the gap between drawing and making. The furniture now resides between Bents 90-92 and is deployed in its bar configuration during events. 

Participating Students: Nicholas Aoki, Zaina Abou Seif, Jierui Chen, Xinyue Wang, Tiffany Tan, Sin Ki Wong, Joseph Park, Shirin Al Asmi, Darmana Khan, Jay Rajesh Lad, Emiliana Balsamo, Devam Sheth, Philicia Babalis, Ha Young Ryu, Vashnavi Nagulendranathan, Eunho Kim, Matthew Jin, Will Banks (TA)