Amy Swartz

Amy Swartz is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Art, specializing in first year, DRPT, and Life Studies. She plays an active role in curriculum development, previously holding the position of Curriculum Leader for first-year Drawing and participating in curriculum committees across her teaching areas. She has served on committees such as Senate and OCADFA and was instrumental in the creation and organization of the first-year art course, Drawing Across Disciplines.

Amy’s collaborative work in the Drawing Board collective reflects her commitment to addressing issues of equity, anti-colonization and representation using institutional language and symbols. Her artwork delves into the intricacies of life and living systems, resulting in exhibitions that deeply resonate with her experience teaching Life Studies. This specialization not only enhances her artistic practice but also provides a profound understanding of relevant contemporary issues, allowing her to raise awareness about critical global concerns and their impacts.

Amy’s commitment to teaching and student success has been recognized through her receipt of the Faculty of Art teaching award.