Doomgurl is a Toronto based DJ, Producer and Dancer who started out dancing in traditional folkloric dances from her native land El Salvador when she was 5 years old. She went on to learn street dance when she was 15 and gradually gained interest in facilitating sound for others. With her experience in Hip-Hop, House and Breaking she has found it is important to educate the dancefloor as a DJ while also pushing the boundaries. She is often found playing Hip-Hop and R&B but enjoys the cultural ties she experiences when spinning club music. She has gone on to be a part of groups and collectives such as Unity Charity, 2U4U, Hands on Deck (DJ Crew), PTRN SLCT. Her hope is to bridge the gap between all her communities, host her own spaces with her beloved artforms and cultivate the same beautiful feeling she gets from participating in Hip-Hop.