Jessie Farewell

Jessie learned a long time ago that a paycheck, while essential, is not enough to motivate her to do her best work. She knew she needed to work for something greater than herself, something that contributes positively to her community and beyond. Combining this drive with a passion for writing and building relationships, she has become an accomplished grant writer and fundraising professional. She has worked in multiple not-for-profit sectors and held positions with Environmental Defence Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

As The Bentway’s Manager of Fundraising & Partnerships, she leads our Development team in working with corporate brands, governments, and philanthropic supporters to ensure that we may continue to thrive and provide our community with free, year-round programming. She loves Toronto for its many vintage and thrift stores, dive bars, live music venues, and restaurants. When not heading out on her bike to spend all her money at one of the above, she can usually be found in a blanket fort, rewatching every sci-fi series created or reading melancholy fiction.