SPURS is a queer line dance event in Toronto and Montréal. Based in the history of LGBTQ+ country and western dancing, SPURS combines traditional steps with a range of music—from honky-tonk to new country to contemporary pop. SPURS was created by Canadian-born actor Kathleen Munroe. After learning to line dance in LA, Munroe drove across America, touring country bars from Tennessee to New York, and has since brought the spirit of queer cowboy culture home. As it has grown over months of word-of-mouth excitement within the Canadian queer scene, Toronto’s SPURS NIGHT has since been joined by Nessie Nankivell, Meredith Shedden, and Veronique Beaudet: all queer line dancers who fell in love with the community over time and stepped in to help Kathleen lead the night forward. Over in Montréal, Noël Vézina has kept the evening alive and spanning across cities in true line dancing tradition. SPURS has become a vibrant, inclusive community over its first year and will continue to provide a fun nightlife space for queer people and their friends.