Artist Residency

The Bentway Artist Residency is an annual, self-directed onsite program focused on advancing creative research and experimentation around a specified project theme or approach that responds to the features and/or functions of The Bentway Phase 1 site.

Our Residency program aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for an artist, designer, or art collective to have an extended research-focused engagement with the site, staff and local community.
  • Offer a true collaborative platform where both parties will investigate and interact with the site to arrive at new understandings.
  • Work in a highly responsive manner, addressing core aspects of The Bentway’s history, physical features, concurrent programming and public reception.
  • Inform future design and place-making decisions resulting in new collaborative ways of conceiving site-specific projects.

active now


  • 2023 Artist Residency: Dance in Public Space

    2023 Artist Residency: Dance in Public Space

    Co-presented with Toronto Dance Theatre, our 2023 Artist Residency invites 3 artists with a focus on dance, movement, and/or embodied practice to participate in an open-ended project that furthers their practice and in turn, contributes to the evolution of The Bentway’s work to re-imagine the opportunities of urban spaces.

  • 2021 Artist Residency: Art and Recreation

    2021 Artist Residency: Art and Recreation

    Our 2021 artist residency focused on The Bentway’s identity as a public space where art and recreation meet. Featuring Toronto’s own Bekah Brown.

  • 2019 Artist Residency: Sound in the City

    2019 Artist Residency: Sound in the City

    The hum of the Gardiner above, the rush of passing trains, and the occasional cannon blasts from Fort York make The Bentway site rich acoustic territory. Our 2019 Artist Residency featured Mitchell Akiyama and Brady Peters exploring The Bentway as an instrument. Co-presented with New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA).