One year later… It's ALL (Still) Right Now

March 11, 2021

March 2021 marks one year of COVID-19. One year of lockdowns. One year of Zoom parties. One year of physical distancing, masks, remote working, parents under strain, and the unchanging everyday of the pandemic. One year where stark social inequities have been magnified for all to see.

We are taking this opportunity to look back at It’s All Right Now – our 2020, COVID-responsive public art project that captured shared hopes, gratitudes, fears, melancholies, and joys, our “truths of right now (then)”. More than thirty Toronto-based artists and the general public were asked to respond to a simple inquiry: “What words are you living by?”.

Now, one year after the first lockdown, we’ve gone back to some of these same voices to ask them to reflect on their submissions. In a time when every day feels the same, how have their feelings, hopes, and thoughts changed? What words are they living by, now?

Displayed together, the original works and reflections remind us of where we were then and uncover the tremendous impact of one year living with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, for the time being, It’s ALL (Still) Right Now.  

To view all the reflections submitted by artists and the public, visit It’s ALL (Still) Right Now.