Flora and fauna of the urban ecosystem under the Gardiner

September 1, 2023

Zunaid Khan, nature photographer and president of the Toronto Field Naturalists, gets up close and personal to capture the flora and fauna of the dynamic natural world living under the Gardiner Expressway.

This summer, as part of Beyond Concrete, The Bentway collaborated with a constellation of artists to explore the thriving urban ecosystem beneath the Gardiner Expressway.

In addition to the public artworks and events on view, we commissioned photographs by local nature photographer Zunaid Khan. He walked the under-Gardiner corridor from end to end and captured some of the diverse plants, animals, and insects that make up this dynamic urban natural world—which grows both in spite of and because of the concrete.

Khan is also the president of the Toronto Field Naturalists, a volunteer-led organization that seeks to connect people to the city’s natural world and advocate for its preservation.



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