Communal Table 2023: Trini Liming

The Bentway and The Depanneur are teaming up again to bring you a fabulous lineup of diverse and delicious dinners. Trinidadian cultural ambassador Rhoma Spencer shares the convivial spirit of an island lime — hanging out, drinking, joking and eating together with friends — with this lovely meal of Caribbean favourites.

Trinidad and Tobago’s culinary heritage is inspired by the many cultures that make up this twin isle republic; Trin­bag­on­ian foods are a mashup of Indigenous, African, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese and Mediterranean cultures.

“We often say that we eat out of each other’s pot, meaning that a lot of the food that we eat comes from different cultures.”

—Rhoma Spencer

Family-style dining in a unique urban setting. Communal Tables are seated, family-style meals, served and shared at 10 tables of 6, where you bring your own plates and cutlery.

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Pay it Forward

At check out, you will be invited to optionally contribute towards our Pay It Forward initiative. This year, all Pay it Forward funds go to Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin (They Feed the People) to support the food security needs of Indigenous Elders at Wigwamen Terrace and houseless Indigenous people in Toronto.