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Bookings open for Communal Table

July 11, 2023

Tickets are on sale now for all August and September dates for Communal Table, our al fresco dining series presented with The Depanneur, now with cocktail service from our friends at On The Rocks, Canadian Club, and Maker’s Mark. July events are now all sold out! Communal Table has been selling out far in advance […]

Communal Table 2023: Summer Solstice Feast

Join Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin (They Feed the People) on June 21 — the eve of the summer solstice and National Indigenous Peoples Day — to celebrate the changing of the seasons, the beauty of Niibin (Summer) and the gifts that it brings to us.

Communal Table 2023: O Canada

Newcomer Kitchen’s cohorts are made up of women from around the world who have come together to share their foods and cultures with Toronto. These ladies are excited to create a truly international meal just in time for Canada Day — a celebration of what makes this country home for so many.

Two library carts with reading materials are outside on a patio. There is an A-frame sign next to them with the text "Eco Library Pop-up".
Eco-Library Pop-up

Thursdays-Saturdays until Sep 18,

A pop-up library at The Bentway Studio (55 Fort York Blvd), facing Canoe Landing Park, offers reading materials and activities for the whole family – curated with the Toronto Public Library Fort York branch, Art Metropole, and other collaborators.

Communal Table 2023: Indonesian Rendang

Chef Elita of NaiNai shares a few distinctive and authentic Indonesian recipes. Home of the original “Spice Islands”, Indonesia has been a culinary destination for centuries, sharing spices like nutmeg and clove with the rest of the world while absorbing and reimagining Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Thai and Dutch influences.

Communal Table 2023: Turkish Delight

Chef Tuba Tunç’s selection of contemporary, flavourful and inspired dishes reflect the ancient culinary tradition of Turkey, stretching back to the very beginnings of Western civilization.

Communal Table 2023: Momo Party

Join Tsewang & Lhundup of TC’s Tibetan Momo, for a taste of traditional Tibetan fare. Momos — hearty dumplings of simple dough wrapped around delectable fillings, served steamed or fried with spicy sauce — are probably Tibet’s best known culinary export.

Communal Table 2023: Viva Colombia

Chef Cookie Martinez brings Colombian street food to life at this shared dining experience, featuring a classic dish from Colombia, patacón pisao – green plantain that has been fried and pressed flat, then refried until crisp and served with a range of tasty toppings!

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