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Communal Table 2023: Turkish Delight

Chef Tuba Tunç’s selection of contemporary, flavourful and inspired dishes reflect the ancient culinary tradition of Turkey, stretching back to the very beginnings of Western civilization.

Communal Table 2023: Momo Party

Join Tsewang & Lhundup of TC’s Tibetan Momo, for a taste of traditional Tibetan fare. Momos — hearty dumplings of simple dough wrapped around delectable fillings, served steamed or fried with spicy sauce — are probably Tibet’s best known culinary export.

Communal Table 2023: Viva Colombia

Chef Cookie Martinez brings Colombian street food to life at this shared dining experience, featuring a classic dish from Colombia, patacón pisao – green plantain that has been fried and pressed flat, then refried until crisp and served with a range of tasty toppings!

Communal Table 2023: Trini Liming

Trinidadian cultural ambassador Rhoma Spencer shares the convivial spirit of an island lime — hanging out, drinking, joking and eating together with friends — with this lovely meal of Caribbean favourites.

Communal Table 2023: Tunisia Le Douce

Cousins Zeyneb Rejeb and Fatima Khlifi bonded in Toronto over their shared love of traditional Tunisian food, and are excited to share this traditionally-prepared couscous, a labour-intensive, time-consuming dish often reserved for special occasions and big family gatherings.

Communal Table 2023: Autumn Equinox Feast

Join Dashmaawaan Bemaadzinjin (They Feed the People) on September 14, in anticipation of the Autumn Equinox, for a specially curated feast that originates from the sky, the water, the land and the kitchens of our families.

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