Waterfront ReConnect: Pixel Story

Pixel Story references the multitude of vantages, scales, speeds, and distances at which to view the Expressway, enticing passersby to move forward towards the waterfront, or pause to reflect on its diverse stories.

Led by O2 Planning & Design and ENTUITIVE, this Waterfront ReConnect project uses colour and iconography to draw attention to the Simcoe Street intersection, and the entire under-Gardiner corridor, as a cultural connector.

An accompanying series of sculptural pixel walls invites passersby to pause and explore the stories of visitors and residents accessing Toronto’s waterfront (collected from 300+ community submissions over the past year).

“Imagine within the time you’re waiting for the traffic light to change, or you’re riding by in a bus, you could read about someone’s favourite place to walk or see an image of how this part of the shoreline looked over 100 years ago. The design strategies of Pixel Story bring the industrial scale of the Gardiner down to the level of human interaction.” Grace Yang, O2 Planning + Design.

See the intersection in its base “before state:


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