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Measuring the personal impact of public art with HeART Lab

November 15, 2021

With CAMH’s HeARTLab, we surveyed those who attended Pulse Topology to learn more about their perspectives on public art, mental health and wellbeing, community, and the impacts of the pandemic. From our friends at HeARTLab: “At HeART Lab, we honour the strengths and knowledge of people and communities through co-design across the research cycle. Our […]

O Espaço (The Space) with Art Spin

October 1, 2021

Choreographed and performed by Pulga Muchochoma, O Espaço (The Space)examines a complex range of movement, starting with the very beating of the human heart and the spaces in which not just those myriad movements but existence itself is illuminated for us and others to witness. Co-presented with Art Spin. “How much information do we need […]