Public Curator Talk by Mariam Zulfiqar

Public Curator Talk by Mariam Zulfiqar as part of At the Transit Bar: An International Visiting Curators Series. Co-presented by the Art Gallery of York University and The Bentway.

A tour of The Bentway’s current exhibition, Softer City, will precede the talk from 5 to 6 PM – beginning at The Bentway Skate Trail (250 Fort York Blvd).

We are excited to launch At the Transit Bar: An International Visiting Curator Series with a public talk by Mariam Zulfiqar, Director of Artangel, London, UK. Zulfiqar’s curatorial focus delves into the complexities of public spaces, questioning notions of ‘public’ and ‘space’ in relation to democracy, politics, and identity formation. She collaborates closely with artists to explore alternative connections and perspectives, often engaging in long-term projects that challenge ideological and conceptual boundaries, self-discovery, and interpersonal relationships.

Photo courtesy of Jasprit Singh

For this talk, Zulfiqar will present her forthcoming curatorial program Hobby Cave, a colossal project by London-based artist and filmmaker Hetain Patel. Hobby Cave is presented by Artangel in collaboration with 13 art organizations across the UK, collecting and presenting lovingly made and used objects produced across far reaching communities to showcase the creativity and dedication of hobbyists.

Zulfiqar is the first visiting curator for At the Transit Bar, a program bringing ten prominent international curators to Toronto over two years to support curatorial research and to further propel Toronto’s contemporary arts and cultural scenes into a global network of artists, curators, and art institutions. Each visiting curator will give a public talk on their research, conduct studio visits with local artists, and host a curatorial workshop for emerging curators. AGYU has partnered with ten Toronto arts organizations to host each curator and present the talks in various locations across the city. The Bentway is thrilled to kick-off this exciting series and partner with AGYU to present this public talk by Mariam Zulfiqar.

Please join us for this in-person public talk by Mariam Zulfiqar on Friday, May 29, at 6PM at The Bentway Studio (55 Fort York Blvd, facing Canoe Landing Park). 

Please note that a curatorial tour of The Bentway’s current exhibition, Softer City by Anna Gallagher-Ross, will be offered at 5 PM (meet at the Bentway Skate Trail, 250 Fort York Blvd).

*The title of this series refers to Vera Frenkel’s multi-channel video installation … from the Transit Bar (documenta IX, 1992), drawing from this seminal artwork’s expression of movement and its embodiment as a meeting point.



At the Transit Bar is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts; Ontario Arts Council; and Toronto Arts Council with the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund, UK; Partners In Art, Toronto. Our core operations are supported by York University.