Sephora x Studio Mooi: Kintsugi For Beginners Workshop

Join Sephora and Studio Mooi for a three-hour Kintsugi workshop at Beauty at The Bentway, where you will be guided through a transformative journey using the art of Kintsugi.

In this three-hour workshop, Studio Mooi will guide you on a transformative journey using the art of Kintsugi. Beginning with an exploration of the traditional practice of Kin (golden) Tsugi (joining), you’ll delve into the various elements of Kintsugi and their significance in your personal life journey. You’ll then create your own “golden joining” piece using modern techniques.

  • Please note: We do not recommend this workshop for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Level: Beginner, no previous experience necessary
  • Discover Clean and Planet Aware at Sephora brands with complimentary samples handed out at the end of the class for all participants

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