Dance in Public Space Residency Showcase

How can street dance floors be more inclusive spaces? How can movement in public space keep histories of the land alive in the face of change? What can we learn from animals and the way they navigate public spaces? We’ll explore all this and more in our upcoming Dance in Public Space Residency Showcase!

This summer, The Bentway teamed up with Toronto Dance Theatre on our 2023 Artist Residency and selected three artists to develop a research-based project to further their dance practice, provide learning opportunities with local dance and public art practitioners, and, in turn, contribute to re-imagining the possibilities of The Bentway’s spaces. In June 2023, we welcomed Resident Artists: Charlotte Carbone, Saysah, and Jessie Jakumeit.

Join The Bentway and our Dance in Public Space Artists-in-Residence for an evening of participatory presentations where they will share insights and inspirations gained through their summer of onsite research at The Bentway. Together, the artists and visitors will explore new possibilities for dance, movement, and embodied practices in public spaces like The Bentway and beyond.

Jessie Jakumeit continues to explore her interest in collaborating with animals by creating alongside dogs and dog-loving people to inspire future performances and dance parties for dogs and humans. Her research about dogs’ sensory experiences in public spaces will be shared through a “scent walk” for dogs and humans. Please bring your dog if they are comfortable in spaces with other dogs and lots of activity.

Saysah will hold a short film screening followed by an interactive community discussion as part of building the narrative of their project Flowing Earth: Tracing Memories, which is a site-specific exploration of the profound interplay between clay, bodies, rivers, archive, and memory, embedded in the urban environment and The Bentway.

Charlotte Carbone will share findings from their project HOME BODIES through an interactive dance session entitled DANCE LIKE EVERYONE’S WATCHING, which celebrates the role of street dance through freestyle performances by Carbone and their research assistants. Join in an open dancefloor where dancers and visitors explore and reimagine dance movement in public space.

Want to come but aren’t sure if you want to participate in dancing or movement? That’s okay! You are welcome to attend and observe.

Presentation Schedule

  • 6 – 7pm: Jessie Jakumeit
  • 7 – 8pm: Saysah
  • 8 – 9pm: Charlotte Carbone

About the Program

The Bentway Artist Residency is an annual program focused on advancing creative research and experimentation around a specified project theme or approach that responds to the features and/or functions of The Bentway Phase 1 site.

About the Location:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • All-gender and accessible washrooms available from 10am-9pm.
  • This event is held at The Bentway Strachan Gate, indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Please note that dogs are specifically invited to this event and will be present.


partners & special thanks

Toronto Dance Theatre

The Bentway Artist Residency is presented by The RBC Foundation.