Join the Dominoes team – volunteer with us!

June 11, 2024

We’re looking for 250 volunteers to help bring Station House Opera’s spectacular art project, Dominoes, to life in Toronto on September 22, 2024!    

Co-presented with: Choice Properties

Dominoes is a larger-than-life, moving sculpture that stretches across several city neighborhoods and unites neighbors in a common cause: setting up and setting off over 2km of giant dominoes. This simple concept creates huge community impact and brings together 250+ volunteers and thousands of people to create an alternative vision of the city; playing with its architecture, and for a brief moment, reclaiming the streets for the public. 

We are inviting neighbours (ages 16 and up) to help us build the Dominoes route! Youth under 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. 

Join us for the day on September 22 and help bring this incredible public art project to life! 

Volunteer perks: 

  • Be part of one of the largest public artworks Toronto’s ever seen
  • Meet new friends and neighbours 
  • Get involved in the arts and community-building 
  • Get your very own, one-of-a-kind Dominoes t-shirt and swag bag 
  • Get free lunch and snacks provided throughout your volunteer day
  • Join a fabulous “Block Party” where we celebrate all volunteers 
Spectators watch an oversized line of dominoes run through a civic square
A group of volunteers builds an extended dominoes line in a city park.
A largescale dominoes sculpture sits on a platform within a public square

Volunteer details: 

As a volunteer, you will: 

  • Attend one mandatory orientation session of 2.5 hours one week before the event. Meet the other volunteers and get ready for your shift! 
  • Volunteer from 10:00am – 7:00pm on Sunday, September 22 to help build a section of a monumental artwork that takes over downtown Toronto! Meet new people! Act as a project ambassador and share the project with the public! 
  • Be invited to attend a volunteer “Block Party” afterwards to celebrate your accomplishment!  

We are looking for volunteers of all abilities to help us build the route! The dominoes are made of a lightweight material and approximately 18 pounds each, but lifting is not the only way you can support! Spreading the message about the project and helping guard the dominoes line is equally important. 

Your day at-a-glance: 


  • Meet at 55 Fort York Blvd to register for the day
  • Walk/travel to your area to build your team’s section of the Domino Line
  • Build, guard and check the line

Lunch (bagged lunch provided) 

Early Afternoon

  • Continue to build/guard the line
  • Meet neighbours and passersby and share information about the project 

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

  • The Domino Fall (exact time to be determined; fall lasts approx. 30 minutes)
  • Clean up (putting blocks back onto pallets and wrapping them for pick up)

Late Afternoon / Early Evening

  • Walk/travel to Block Party (location TBC)
  • Block Party celebration
  • Dinner provided