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Clarice Lima, Catarina Saraiva, Nina Fajdiga, and Aline Bonamin

Clarice Lima, Catarina Saraiva, Nina Fajdiga, and Aline Bonamin are female artists from different countries, with different backgrounds, who came together to develop this project. Their practices move between performance, choreography, dramaturgy and curatorship, with strong creative forces and desires.

Renelyn Quinicot

Renelyn Quinicot (she/her) is a queer filipina artist and movement & meditation teacher born and based out of Parkdale Village in Toronto. Her offerings include Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, Aerobic Exercise, Yoga Nidrā, Sound Meditation and more. She is passionate about curating spaces for connection and storytelling, where art, music and wellness can intersect. In all […]

Toronto Public Library

Toronto Public Library is the busiest urban public library system in the world. Every year, we have millions of users visiting our branches and taking advantage of our online services. We empower Torontonians to thrive in the digital age and global knowledge economy. With expanded access to technology, lifelong learning and diverse cultural and leisure […]

Art Metropole

Art Metropole is a non-profit visual arts centre with a focus on contemporary art in formats predisposed to circulation and dissemination: artists’ books and art publications, video, audio, electronic media, and multiples. Art Metropole distributes works through its space at 896 College Street, pop-up and satellite locations, and online. [Website:] [Instagram: @artmetropole]

Public Visualization Lab/Studio

Public Visualization Lab/Studio is a design collective whose members are designers, artists, creative technologists and researchers. The collective creates projects as a means to pursue inquiries into the political and conceptual aspects of interaction, space, and media. Its members attempt to investigate how specific technologies of vision, communication, and gesture support our experiences in participatory […]

Vanese Smith

Vanese Smith is the co-founder of Loop Sessions Toronto, a Toronto Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts supported music organization, which focuses on music production, education, and vinyl record culture. For over 2 decades she has created electronic music and DJed under the alias Pursuit Grooves and has served as mentor for Toronto […]

Julia Rose Sutherland

Julia Rose Sutherland (b.1991) is a Mi’kmaq (Metepenagiag Nation) / settler artist and educator (Assistant Professor at OCADU) based out of Tkaronto (Toronto, Canada). Sutherland’s interdisciplinary art practice employs photography, sculpture, textiles, and performance. She earned her MFA at the University at Buffalo (2019) and BFA in Craft and New Media at the Alberta University […]

Toronto Field Naturalists

Toronto Field Naturalists is a volunteer-run-not-for-profit that connects people with nature in the Toronto area. We help people understand, enjoy, protect, and restore Toronto’s green spaces and the species that inhabit them.

Sydney Allen-Ash

Sydney Allen-Ash is a strategist, and the creator and host of the podcasts Re:Search and Toenails.

Jac Sanscartier

Jac Sanscartier is a writer and foresight strategist with From Later. She lives and works in London, England, UK.

Erica Whyte

Erica Whyte (she/they) is a foresight strategist and artist with From Later. Her work engages with science, technology, and ecology. 

Emily Woudenberg

Emily Woudenberg is the founder of Strike Design Studio. With a focus on independently publishing both websites and editorial, they have participated in residencies at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Toronto) and Artscape Launchpad. They have exhibited at Printed Matter and other international art book fairs in Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, and Vienna. 

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