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Bentway Staging Grounds

On view now

Bentway Staging Grounds is a site of active, environmental learning that continues The Bentway’s creative work along the Gardiner Expressway. Visitors are invited into a living laboratory for urban ecology, with experimental gardens that use rainwater run-off from the highway above to support the growth of flowering plant species.

Toronto intersection underneath highway with blue concrete columns and two colourful boom lifts on either side of the street.
Waterfront Reconnect projects open at York St and Simcoe St

June 1, 2023

Temporary street-level interventions add light, colour and enhanced waterfront connectivity at York and Simcoe Streets. Following a national design competition completed in early 2022, today The Bentway announced the opening of two projects that explore new strategies for improved intersections under the Gardiner Expressway. Waterfront ReConnect continues the organization’s creative work to re-imagine the Gardiner […]

The Benchway


Bentway Public Space Fellow Ella Hough’s Benchway public furniture project starts a conversation about the waste produced by the private construction industry, its impact on our city, and the potential for a circular economy approach instead.

A collection of wooden seats made of wooden frames and birdhouses with steel and rock bases.
Multispecies Lounge


At The Bentway Studio facing Canoe Landing Park, a new set of public furniture invites interspecies-encounters with urban wildlife. Through UV-painted details, the piece offers glimpses of how birds and insects see beyond the human eye and offers a more-than-human lens through which to experience the urban ecosystem.

Pedestrians explore a colourful wall under an expressway.
Waterfront ReConnect: Pixel Story

On view now

Pixel Story references the multitude of vantages, scales, speeds, and distances at which to view the Expressway, enticing passersby to move forward towards the waterfront, or pause to reflect on its diverse stories.

An intersection under an urban highway is painted blue; maintenance equipment have been converted into bright, friendly characters with "googly eyes" overlooking passers-by
Waterfront ReConnect: Boom Town

On view now

Boom Town employs vibrant colour, playful characters, and environmental lighting to enliven the York Street intersection, improving safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Film image of abstract blue forms displayed on large wooden frame on a grassy patch underneath the Gardiner highway.


Photographer Genesis Báez co-creates with the soil and stormwater below the Gardiner, burying film underground beneath the highway to absorb the surrounding landscape. Developing and displaying the images at large-scale reveals the reciprocal nature of the Expressway and its ecology. Co-presented with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

4 video screens are displayed inside a black ship container.


Remarkable, powerful, and resilient, “lichen” are ancient and diverse life forms, both an individual and a community. Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Jackson re-imagines her acclaimed short film as a multi-media installation and invites us to learn from lichen about being in relation to our environment and one another.

Mural depicting six portraits of women of colour.
Memory Work

May 5, 2023

Memory Work is a mural made up of twelve embellished portraits of revolutionary women and non-binary figures from a future Toronto. Initiated by From Later with artist Rajni Perera and Memory Work Collective, this speculative monument imagines a city characterized by collective care and politics that value nurturing over growth.

Large sheets of yellow fabric attached to a tall metal frame blowing in the wind.


What can the wind teach us about our city’s infrastructure and our own needs for comfort? Atmospheres manifests this powerful force into a series of soaring soft sculptures, sound, and video that both generates and visualizes environmental data collected under the Gardiner.