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A dual image of a number of small plants, and of people planting them
Seed Starting with Greenest City

Join us for an interactive seed-starting workshop to plant and care for local greenery. Learn about gardening as a political action based on stewardship and the importance of building relationships with the Land and our more than human neighbours.

From Here to Wear with Norwin Anne

This Bentway workshop promotes reuse culture while offering activities that encourage more sustainable and intentional creative practices. A clothing swap will be available alongside workshop stations that focus on different methods and techniques to transform textiles into DIY crafts.

A dual image of a butterfly on a flower, and part of the Toronto skyline
Insects of the Bentway with Anne Purvis

Join us for a Butterfly and Bee exploration walk! This workshop starts out at the Multispecies Lounge at the Bentway Studio, and includes games and activities that sharpen our observations to find the best habitat in the neighbourhood.

A sketch of people sitting and drawing at Union Station
City Sketching with Julie Ourceau

During this workshop you will learn to develop your sense of observation to depict a bit of everything that surrounds you in your sketchbook, this could include nature, buildings, people, market scenes, architectural details.